Laser & Water Jet Cutting

WaterJet Cutting Services

We have the newest, large work area WaterJet Cutting capabilities on the market, with ultra-high precision helical rack & pinion gearing for fast turnaround and tight tolerances on materials up to 6″ thick.

WaterJet cutting is great for cutting stainless steel and multiple layers of aluminum and other materials. WaterJet cutting reduces material waste and is great for prototype work, small quantity runs and productions runs where you need thousands of parts.

WaterJet cutting services are used to cut aluminum, stainless steel, stone, titanium, brass, composites, alloys, foam, ceramic, glass, marble, plastic and more. We are here to work with you on your next project from design and engineering to production runs. We offer great customer service, quality products with on-time delivery. Urgent orders and urgent problems are no problem for us. Contact us today for all your WaterJet cutting needs.


Travels: X144″ X Y72″ X Z6″
Z-Axis is fully programmable on both heads
Controller: PC Based Control running Windows Vista/XP Pro
NC Geomate Included (DXF to NC File Converter)
NC Console Included
Fully Networkable
Pump: 50HP Accustream/KMT High Pressure Pump
55,000 PSi (55kPSI)
Abrasive Hopper: 800lb Pressurized Abrasive hopper
Includes: Dual Fully Programmable Heads
All High Pressure Lines and Fittings
Industrial Keyboard
A/C for control Cabinet
Combo Table – 1/2 Slat and 1/2 Coro-Brick
Remote Pendant
Dual Height Sensing

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